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Requirements and Guidelines You’re thinking of hosting a future MENC? Here are some tips and tricks on how to become a successful host! At this year’s MENC you will have 10 minutes to present, followed by a 10 minute Q&A session. In your proposal you should cater for: 40 ­ 80 attendees In your proposal you should schedule a 7 day event ­ 1 day for arrivals, 4 working days, 1 MEDS/MENC presentation day and 1 day for departures.

Step 1 ­ Team

Begin to establish a competent and qualified team.

● At MENC introduce us to the people on your team. (Suggested at least 2 main organisers)

● As organisers you will need 5­6 people to help you

● Collective MEDs experience of the team.

● Other relevant experiences regarding project management

Step 2 ­ Location

Remember, MENC is a conference so bear this in mind when proposing your location. ● Access to facilities such as workrooms, internet, whiteboards, a projector, etc. is essential!

○ When selecting a location, please keep in mind the reliance of MENC on digital connectivity.

● Where is the location in your country?

● How does the location complement the work/conference environment required for MENC?

● Present images of the proposed venues.

● Present the Pros and Cons of your proposed location.

○ From past MENC experience, cities have been the most appropriate locations to host MENC given the established infrastructure available to the working group however a new, alternative is always welcome. (e.g. a conference house wehre we can work and live would be an awesome idea)

Step 3 ­ Accommodation

In the case of MENC, the quality of sleep and the proximity of accommodation to workspace greatly affects a smooth and timely workflow!

● The accommodation should balance both privacy and communal experience.

● It is a requirement that everyone (ideally including your team) lives together

● Which options for accommodation are available? e.g. student dorms, hostel, barracks, affordable hotel, seminar centres, convent, summer lodges, etc.

● Can the accommodation offer a workplace for us too?

Step 4 ­ Quality of an Access to Food

For MENC it is a requirement that breakfast is included, preferably where the accommodation is.

● What is the proximity of dining venues to work venue?

● Can lunch be offered at the workplace? This will again further enhance productivity and workflow! (either included in the price or that we can order food collectively and eat there) Step 5 ­ Travel Costs + Logistics As always at MEDSevents, the arrival of national teams at MENC is key to a positive experience!

● How well connected is your location by plane, train, road, boat, foot? (Is there a Ryanair or Wizzair Service near by?)

● Are there Visa restrictions when entering your country?

● How much, on average, will it cost people to travel to your location?

Step 6 ­ Daily Expenses

It is important to remember that the living costs of different countries will vary greatly!

● Whats does it cost to eat and drink per day?

● How much is a beer is the supermarket/pub/club?

● How much does public transport cost? (Will you provide alternative transport, eg. bikes?)

Step 7 ­ Budget

Please provide us with an overall projected budget.

● Your overview should consider a projected attendance fee.

● The attendance fee should cover accommodation, food, work venue and welcome pack costs.

● What does accommodation and food for 40­80 people cost?

● What budget is available for work venues and facilities?

● Is an additional budget required for evening + social activities?

Step 8 ­ Organising Schedule

A successful MENC bid allows 1 year of preparation time. Although smaller in scale than the MEDSworkshop there’s still a lot to be arranged.

● Your presentation should include rough details of the organisation team’s intended work structure for the 1 year lead in time.

Step 9 ­ Potential Sponsors

Given the projected budget above what sponsorship support will you require?

● Not only might sponsors be able to help you financially, they may be able to offer you a suitable work space, facilities, etc.

Step 10 ­ Alternative Events

Visiting a new city or place is always exciting. How can you introduce the MENC attendees to the host location? but remember we are here to work and need the time to do that.

● What evening activities might complement the daily conference schedule?

● What evening time social activities will be offered?

Step 11 ­ Weighing up the Pros and Cons

When making your MENC proposal remember to share not only the Pros but also the Cons for your proposed location and work space! No location is perfect and an honest and fair judgement can only be made with the most coherent of location descriptions. It is up to you to teach us about your proposal.

The submission should be in English and sent to info@meds­ 5 days prior to the MENC event, containing the following:

● A brief statement/ email outlining your group’s intent and reasons for hosting a MENC. (Approx 200­500 words) We wish you the best of luck and look forward to seeing you at MENC. Text Authors: Isabelle Baumgartner, Ailbhe Cunningham, Janneke Earl, Vladimir Georgiev, Daniel Haarhoff, Joseph Murphy © MEDS2015