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MEDS - Meeting of Design Students - Network is a platform for project-based initiatives. With the network, we have created an infrastructure that enables young creative people to create event-based projects with interdisciplinary, international teams. These focus on design, architecture, learning and exchange.

We travel. We meet. We share. We exchange cultures. We work together. We learn from each other. We believe in lifelong learning with a constant input and inspiration through travelling and interacting with people outside our cultural and educational/professional sphere.

The community of Design Ambassadors expands every year, connecting hundreds of people from the entire world and is made up of an international group of people interested in design (creating things for specific communities and environments) who actively work on projects, initiatives, events and the infrastructure of MEDS and also represent those in their countries. Run by and for students and young professionals of Europe and beyond, MEDS encourages a cross-disciplinary collaboration to learn from each other's vision and culture through a creative exchange in architecture, industrial design, graphic design, fashion, photography and many more.

A worldwide community from more than 30 countries with a “total design” approach that combines various disciplines related to creativity, design and planning. People involved have a hands-on experience of collaboration, explore new countries and get to know like-minded designers so participants, organizers and tutors evolve from ambitious students to professionals, from inexperienced enthusiasts to experts.


Held in a different country each year, the MEDSworkshop takes place during the month of August and lasts for two weeks. It is organized by the elected National Team and hosted in their country/city. The purpose of this meeting is to design a sustainable future, experience country, culture and people and work together in a motivated team. Throughout the workshop, around 200 design students from over 30 different countries gather in one place to reflect on a relevant theme and gain hands-on experience by creating and building projects together. Aside from designing, a tight schedule of lectures, exhibitions and social activities is presented. The workshop runs towards creating an expo showing the projects publicly to the hosting city.


Apart from hosting the summer workshop, MEDS is also supporting more initiatives that take part at a different time of the year or for a shorter period. MiniMEDS are smaller workshops organised by a local team for a reduced group of participants, usually lasting for a short period (1-2 weeks). Their partnership with MEDS brings mutual support, advertisement, a share of skills and experiences. MEDStravel is an initiative to bring people around cities or countries to get inspired and to have a rich exchange of cultures between the participants. First edition took place in India (February 2018), next travel will bring people to discover Croatia (May- June 2019) MEDSgallery is an opportunity to show the projects, works, items and skills of the members of the network during professional events to a wide audience. Its first edition “Metamorphosis” it has been held during the Design Milan Week (17-22 April 2018) at Isola Design District in Milan. Next exhibition will be presented during Minsk Design Week in Belarus (1-10 May 2019).

Furthermore, MEDS is also an international network of dedicated designers that support one another in personal projects, is more than the sum of its part, it’s a platform of opportunities gathering like-minded people and sharing ideas. In the recent years new extensions have been developed such as DSGN_ Design Students Global Network that will cultivate connections with community-based foundations around the world. Hosting annual Creative Labs over a devoted 4 week period, DSGNers will establish deep connections with local communities in a two-way educational process.


MEDS is a developing international organization where we collaborate together as one big team to make things happen. Since 2015 there is an horizontal structure consisting in five basic departments and local organizing teams dividing the whole workload of the organisation. Every department has one coordinator who is in permanent contact with the others to assure the communication within the organisation itself as well as the productive workflow within the departments: Communication, Finance, Media, Network Management, Workshop (Projects Support). The organizing team of the workshops, initiatives, meeting is an autonomous team of local and international mates motivated by shared values and goals that hosts a workshop or another meeting in its country. Each specific team (accommodation, projects, logistic, etc) self-organises internally to best achieve its specific goals with full autonomy in making its own decisions and responsibilities. Every year the people involved meet in Autumn during the MEDSforum to discuss the organization of the network, give feedbacks of the previous events and vote where next workshop, forum and other initiatives will take place.