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What is a National Contact?

A NC (National Contact) is an ambassador of MEDS and represents all things MEDS both during MEDS initiatives and outside of them. There should always be at least two NC's for one participating country.

Responsibilities of a NC:

  1. To attend MEDS initiatives such as the summer workshop throughout the year.
  2. To spread the word about MEDS in his/her own country. Possibly also look out for potential tutors/sponsors for future years.
  3. To pre select participants for MEDS initiatives. Usually the criteria for selection is left up to the NC's but they are encouraged to select qualified, diverse applicants from all over their country.
  4. To care for and help his/her participants during a MEDS event. This includes helping organize travel to and from an event and payments for any MEDS event. Any Participant that has any issue during a MEDS event should first go to their NC for help.
  5. To help MEDS organizers convey information to participants during events.
  6. To find a replacement NC once they are no longer able or unwilling to perform the duties of an NC.

How to become an NC?

A person can only be appointed to the position of NC by a current NC who is retiring. They must also currently live in the country they want to be a NC in. If your country has no NC's and you would like to become the first NC, please contact the communications department of MEDS here.

List of current NCs

Click here.