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Basel, 15.12.19

The Meds Forum 2019 took part in Basel, Switzerland (27.10. - 01.11.19).

We want to say Thank you! It was beautiful to host all of you in our city, it was a pleasure to have you here and to spend this truly challenging but amazing week with you. Thanks for all the support and help we got, it was such a good experience and we believe that through the hard work during this week we could achieve a progress for MEDS.

We were very happy about all the feedbacks we got, they helped us to reflect and to analyze. In this Report we want to write about our experience and reflect about our work. We also add some tips for following Forum organizers, and hope that this can help and support following preparations.

You can find the Report here:!5ZsX2aqC!PUka7jM-KuZsmVdOlMpPm91sUPepMP2nsNpIYfcTPUk

Thanks to all of you!


the swiss team

Felix Wernli, Hadir Al Koshta, Jasmin Schnellmann, Dimitri Leimgrübler, Lara Wschiansky, Luca A. Pfeiffer