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Out of thousands of applications for the MEDS Forum, who should be allowed to participate? This Page will help you!

Priority Selection Process

For the MEDS Forum 2019 we set up a Process based on Priority. The Numbers provided here are the actual numbers of the Forum, you may have to adjust them for your Event.

  1. Start with the overall possible spaces (min. 60, max. 80)
  2. Minus local Organisers (5)
  3. Minus organizer team next year (max. 7)
  4. Minus organizer team last year (max. 3)
  5. Minus organizer team year before last year (max. 1)
  6. Minus proposal team MEDS Workshop (max. 4 people à max. 3 teams)
  7. Minus proposal team MEDS Forum (max. 3 people à max. 2 teams)
  8. Minus proposal team MEDS Travel (max. 2 people à max. 2 teams)
  9. Minus coordinator and successor of every department/initiative (max. 2 per dpt/inv)
  10. Minus the number of countries/NC’s (max. 1 per country, min. 15 new members)

Category Available seats notes
80 Maximum
Organising Team 5
Helper Team 3
Total 72
Organising Team next Workshop 7
Organising Team last Workshop 3
Organising Team lastlast Workshop 1
Total 61
Proposal Teams
Proposal Workshop 12 most likely less people
Proposal Forum 6 most likely less people
Proposal Travel 4
Total 39
Project Management 2
Communication 2
Workshop Support 2
Media 2
Finance 2
Gallery 2
Travel 2
Total 25
NC's/New Members
current NC per Country 19 33 Countries minus 14 NC's which already are in a Departement/Initiative
New NC's/Members 15
Total -9