Selection of MEDS projects

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Main evaluation criteria of a workshop proposal:

  • quality of outcome
  • the teaching of skills = learning opportunities for participants
  • possibility for the participants to actively (influence the) design
  • the aspect of fun during the workshop
  • does the workshop align with the overall theme or a proposed site for an intervention?
  • cost of the project
  • realistic timeline (is the work going to be finished by 10-15 participants in 10 days of work?)

Assessment of the future tutors:

  • has the person been to any MEDS before?
  • how senior is the person? (still student / graduated / young professional / professional)
  • quality of CV and portfolio
  • does the person have teaching/workshop experience?
  • does the tutor speak English on an acceptable level?
  • are they involved in the development of MEDSnetwork or future MEDSworkshops?

Overall we’re aiming for a diverse mix of:

  • gender
  • nationalities
  • professions (architecture, design, etc.)
  • age
  • workshop categories
  • proposed sites of intervention
  • new faces and MEDSalumni

For tutors whose proposal isn’t being chosen:

  • automatic offer to be a participant
  • try to pair small tutor teams as co-tutors (not more than 3 persons per team also no single tutors)