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Slack is our preferred communication tool within MEDS and is meant for all NCs, department members, organisers and anyone that wants to contribute to the association. Advantages of Slack are independency from social media accounts, cross platfrom compatibility, transparency and functionality. We highly suggest you to install Slack on to your computer and phone to stay in touch and not miss any latest updates.

Our workspace is called You will get invited to the Slack channel, as soon as you attend a MEDS Forum. If you can't attend MEDS Forum, ask the communication team for an invitation.

You can get Slack here.


There are no communication guidelines yet. However a proposal has been created on how to use Slack in the future. The draft can be viewed and commented here. Even though these rules are not in effect, it's advised to follow rule no. 2:

2. Do not create secret channels and talk about stuff that is relevant to everyone.

If you have a private coversation, and you feel like the topic is relevant to everyone, please open up the conversation in a open channel, and let everybody discuss.

Please sing up with your real name.