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Social media helps us to communicate on common platforms what

  • MEDSnetwork
  • MEDSworkshop

For both of platforms have one Facebook and Instagram page. The reasons are simple: We want to focus on the whole network and our strongest initiative, the workshop, so that the branding is clear and is not misleading our audience.


We had many national Facebook and Instagram pages which were not updated/taken care of. A lot of reposting happened and MEDS as a brand was diluting. That's why we have been merging and deleting all national Facebook and Instagram pages and link it to one business account.


The server is currently hosted on a German hoster called OVHCloud.
The costs are currently payed by Dimitri Leimgrübler.

If you need any help with the access to the server, please get in touch with Dimitri Leimgrübler or Jennifer Beitel.


For the current Content Management System (CMS), wordpress is being used. The reason for this is that Wordpress is basically for free. We are using the Be Theme. Additionally we are using a page builder called WPBakery for everyone to update the website easily without programming skills. The costs for the two tools are currently payed by Jennifer Beitel.

If you need any help with the access to the website, please get in touch with Marwan Zgheib or post your request in the #website_update channel on Slack.


The media team agreed on realising the below stated structure at MEDS forum 2019

Home Network Workshop Initiatives Team Contact
emotional slider forum next workshop travel active members contact form
definition and history timeline past workshop gallery national members donations
call to action studio
new stuff friends
insta feed

- imprint
- private policy

- cookie banner
- private policy


We really need your help to improve the content of the website. So if you feel that information such as texts, videos, photos are missing to get the message across, feel free to prepare it and get in touch with us. We are waiting for your input in the Slack channel #website_update