The MEDS Experience

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The MEDS Experience is something you find only once in a lifetime. It consists of around 200 design students, enthusiasts and young professionals coming together to create an unique experience, within which you make life-long friends, realize some kick-ass projects and experience a whirlwind of emotions resulting in an addiction to MEDS and the MEDS Family.

The MEDS Family

The MEDS Family is what we call the many people who have joined us each year at a MEDS event. More than likely these crazy people return each year to get their dose of MEDS. Once apart of the family, it is supposedly impossible to leave (we believe in the idea that wine is thicker than blood, much easier to make sangria with too) and once you gain a friend from your experience in MEDS, you never look back.

The MEDS Blues

This is the longing to return to MEDS life and see all of your new friends again. Everyone experiences the MEDS Blues. After spending two weeks with some crazy new best friends from around the world, you ultimately have to say "See you soon!" and thus, the MEDS Blues begins.

Pro Tip : Once you plan you next MEDS adventure together however, you find that you don't feel so blue.