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MEDS wiki is open and visible for anyone. You don't need a user account to look up content.

Everybody is able to create an account, add and edit content however.

All heads of departments are invited to sign up and contribute to the wiki. Additional helpers and editors are very welcome too.

MEDS wiki is based on MediaWiki, the same platform behind Wikipedia and many other similar pages.

Create a user account

Open the user menu on the top right. Click on create account, fill in your real name as the user name, password, email address and complete the captcha. As soon you send the form, your user account is generated.

In order to be able to edit and add content, you have to confirm your email address. While logged in, go to your [profile settings] and click on "confirm email address". Check your email inbox (or spam folder) and finish your signing up by clicking the confirmation link in the mail.

Join #wiki on Slack

It's mandatory to be member of the #Wiki Slack channel, in order to get updates and discuss about wiki technical related topics.

How to use MEDS wiki

The easiest way to look up information is by using the search bar. If you can't find what you are looking for, you are welcome to create a page about your desired topic.

A extensive guide how to create pages, editing and organizing pages can be found here. This the following paragraphs only show you the basic topics. Remember, these actions only work if you're logged in and have your email confirmed.

During the beta phase wiki pages may be created and be unfinished. However in the future we should follow this rule:

Only add content that has beed agreed in consensus with your team/department. This wiki is not a debating platform. Discussions should be held on Slack.

Create a new page

Simply use the search bar on the top left and enter your desired page title. You can see if the page (or a similar one) already exists in the search results. If your desired page does not exist, simply click Create the page "****" on this wiki.. You will be greeted by the text editor, where you can add your content. Don't forget to save and publish your changes after you're done.

Creating a new Page.png

Another method is to directly type the name of your desired page in to the URL bar of your browser. (eg. )

Edit an existing page

Simply click edit in your Actions menu (the one with the cogwheel) on the top right of the page. If this menu does not appear on your screen, you might not be logged in, or/and have not yet confirmed your email adress.

Hyperlinks and desired pages

You can link wiki pages by simply typing the name of the page in double square [[example]] brackets, or simply use the link symbol above the text editor.

External links can be hyperlinked with single square brackets with the URL followed by the shown text. (e.g. [ text] )

It is possible to link non existing wiki pages as well, e.g. if you think there should be a page about a topic in your text. If you a link a non existing page, this will be categorised as a ""desired page"". By clicking on such a link, the wiki asks if you want to create this page. Refer to the official guide for more details.


It is convenient to catigorise all pages to keep order on the wiki. It also helps to find related pages.

Categories work similarly as a tree. You have your main category (tree trunk) where multiple sub categories (branches) can evolve from. This principle works with endless sub and sub-sub categories.

To assign your page to a category, simply add [[Category:Forum_2019_Basel]] at the end of your page. If the category won't exist already, it will be automatically created. By clicking on a certain category on the bottom on your page, a list with all page of this category will appear. This list is also a wiki page itself and can be edited accordingly. By editing the category page, you can simply add a parent category in the same fashion.

New categories can also be created in the same manner as a regular wiki page with the URL method. (e.g. )

Usually you would only use an end branch(es) to categorise your page.

A category tree helps to organise the wiki. However, in the beta stage of the wiki, a tree structure first has to be planned. This has been done before, but was not applicable 1/1 on the actual wiki.

Embedding Videos

We have the MediaWiki Youtube extension running on the Wiki, which allows embedding Videos not only from Youtube, but also from other Video hosting sites. Simply add <youtube>video URL</youtube> where you want to place the video. (e.g. <youtube></youtube> )

For the full instructions, see the extensions documentation.

Foreground Skin

This wiki uses the Foreground Skin to make it visually appealing. This skin has some useful features such as image sliders and grid systems. If you're planning the make use of it, refer to their documentation.

Sensitive Data

Keep in mind, this wiki is open for anyone, there is no restricted area here. Please do not post personal information (eg. participants lists) on the wiki. If you refer to documents containing personal information, please make a private link to Mega, where we have password restriction.


Use the Sandbox page to play around with all the layout options and media wiki mechanics.